Throughout our projects we create and stimulate positive impact through local job creation, skills development and local procurement. Where applicable, we pay special attention to vulnerable groups in society or those that may be adversely impacted by the project. In many cases the presence of our activities creates a positive socio-economic impact on the nearby communities. Wherever we can, we seek to enhance the positive impacts of our projects. Like so on this project, where we employ many Philippine workers on the vessels.

Boskalis has a long history in employing a large number of Philippine national employees. The dredging marks the start of a landmark project that will give many of our own colleagues a chance to work close to home in addition to creating a lot of local employment opportunities both during the construction phase and the operational period thereafter.

Creating local jobs

We integrate local content requirements into the execution of a project. We have built up significant experience in developing the necessary local skills and competencies to enable employment of a substantial percentage of local community members, and small and medium enterprises.

Buying locally

We purchase goods and services from local suppliers whenever possible. Such goods often include fuel, food, facility consumables, construction parts for our equipment, safety products and equipment for our operations.

Educational programs

All personnel are given an induction training prior to starting the job, that raises awareness amongst personnel on project health and safety issues, the environmental and social sensitivities and the emergency response procedure. Regular training will be given throughout the job to ensure that a level of competence is maintained and enhanced. A training session typically provides a written certificate of satisfactory completion; in this way a worker’s acquired skills are demonstrable for future employment. Some training may be given prior to an employment offer in order to enable job seekers to have the requisite training for eligibility.

Worker welfare and community safety

Care for our employees and the people on and around our projects is of great importance for us. Through the safety behavior program NINA (No Injuries No Accidents) we take care of the safety, security and health of everyone involved in our activities, including the communities where we work. We apply fair employment practices and offer good and competitive terms of employment. We heeft verwijderd: such as cars, trucks, bulldozers, cranes and small floating equipment commit that our employees receive a living wage that covers their and their family’s basic needs in their home country.

Project safety

Boskalis has a comprehensive Health, Safety, Social and Health (HSSE) management plan for each individual and unique project that establishes the overarching policy of navigation and transport safety. Specific control measures include procedures and informative formats to maintain safe distances between dredging vessels and other marine traffic. A project leaflet has been developed and shared with local communities, which is available in the download section. The leaflet states that whilst fishing activities can continue in the borrow area, in the interest of safety a minimum distance of 500 meters must be maintained from dredging vessels at all times. Safety and escort vessels employing local residents will be stationed at the borrow area to inform non-project vessels about safety distances and guide them away from hazardous situations if necessary. We provide updated information on navigational safety to the fishing communities through informative sessions on an ongoing basis.