Boskalis strives to have an open and clear dialogue with relevant external stakeholders and is open to suggestions, ideas, complaints, grievances and feedback. Integrity, openness, honesty and fairness are fundamental parts of the way we do business, and we promote the same principles in our relationships with local communities, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. This feedback process aims to ensure transparency and engagement with all relevant stakeholders.

Stakeholders may submit their feedback directly to the Community Liaison Officer (CLO) through the ongoing visits to local communities, the contact details communicated on the leaflets that have been distributed in the Barangays or through this feedback form online. Concerns may be raised anonymously. All personal data provided under this feedback form will be processed in accordance with applicable laws. If so requested, your feedback and your identity will be handled in complete confidence and will only be disclosed to those who need to know for the purposes of any treatment of your feedback.